Gov. Inquiry

At your request, we can provide you with a detailed proposal. Below you will find general guidelines of duration and costs.

In most cases the time to have a system fully operation is 3 years. Pricing ranges between $2.5M to $9M per kilometer ($4-15M/mile) depending on number of lines per pole, number of entry/exit stations, number of carriages and vehicles/cars/containers.  Most system include garbage recollection system, package warehousing, package mail boxes, 4×4 last mile delivery vehicles, fiber optic and 5G service throughout the route, high voltage power distribution throughout the route, AI security software and reservation software.

Pricing assumes government easement and land allocation at no cost to the project, since this is a public service. If this is not the case, indicate otherwise. It is also assumed that you will mediate any legislation changes needed, ordinance, pole easement and land appropriation.

In order for us to give you a custom detailed proposal we require the following from you:

  1. Route(s)
  2. Detailed bus, car, truck, taxi traffic statistics
  3. List of all desired entry/exit stations, their locations and characteristics (school, mall, etc.)
  4. Small and high-rise building construction cost in your location
  5. List of average salaries for CEO, bus drivers, taxi drivers, IT, etc.
  6. VAT / Sales Tax, import duties
  7. Bus ticket cost
  8. Taxi cost
  9. High voltage power line availability
  10. Location of garbage processing plant(s)
  11. Taxes you intend to charge, if any, to the end user
  12. Do you want us to be run it (be the operator) or you prefer to do this yourselves
  13. Do you want this project to be for profit? or non-profit?
  14. Corporation tax structure, including earnings, credits and incentives
  15. Government contribution, investment and financial goals for this project