About Us

What truly sets us apart from all others is our team of extremely experienced engineers and management team.  It is unusual and quite difficult to put together a team with such a broad set of experience and expertise.

www.linkedin.com/in/jasegurola/  Is our Chief Architect.   At just fifteen years old he got his first job as an engineer in Hialeah, Florida USA, at a company named EDS-IDAB, a newspaper conveyor automation equipment engineering and manufacturing company, the basis of our Aerial Suspended Cable Personal Rapid Transit System technology.  In fact, it is about the same technology as the newspaper automation system, except instead of moving newspaper bundles, it moves people and cargo. The basic idea is the same, but to that we add the benefit of forty years of technology advancements.  And most importantly, it is now extremely affordable (especially in view of the cost of roads) due to the reduction in cost of all electronics. 

Another key member of our team I have mentioned is our Chief Mechanical Engineer, Ramsey Yunan, a former professor of engineering at Rutgers and a mechanical engineer with more than 40 years’ experience.

Celestavia Co. is owned by Global Genius Trust, therefore we recommend you also read the about us at: http://www.ggtrust.com/about-us/