Celestavia Personal Rapid Transit is an automated aerial cable service that is 3-10 times faster and better than the current bus service.  We say “better” first, because the passenger is not subjected to the slow start-stop travel of a bus.  Instead, passengers travel in separate cars holding 6-12 passenger seats carrying 1-12 passengers (depending on the city and current traffic load) with a similar destination. The passengers never have to wait to board–there are always cars waiting.

We expect the majority of passengers will use the cell phone app to schedule and/or pay for their ride. However some stations will have an agent or ticket vending machine for users without a cell phone.

Unlike a bus, or even a train, these cars bypass all intermediate stops until they get to the passenger’s pre-selected destination. Passengers can quickly exit at one of the stops located every 750-1500 feet (250-500 meters) throughout the city. 

It is like using a private car, but even better since there is no stopping for traffic, intersections or lights, and the individual Celestavia cars are able to travel much faster than private cars can, at speeds up to 35 mile / hour (60 km / hour) though the city. And, of course, no parking hassles!  This service is available for continuous use 24 hours a day, with a fare price competitive to that of buses.

Using a centuries-old concept and accepted standards in design, the Celestavia system implements new technology to improve significantly the user’s experience.  Instead of moving the cable, as in most cable-car systems, our cabin itself moves along the cable.  Like a car moving down the highway, our cabin is the car,  and the cable is the road,  Due to a specially built automated control system, the car is able to respond quickly to cable slope, weather and traffic conditions, and increase and decrease the speed “quickly”. As another example, when the car reaches a point of interest for passengers it reduces the speed automatically and can even stop.  It can also go at very fast speeds, many times more than a cable car, additionally it can go up and down a 45 degree slope. It can also come to a complete stop at any part of the route and switch to another cable / route. Something very innovative and world-leading. 

Also, transports Heavy Cargo.

The interior of the cabin cars offer first class comfort and design, with visual enhancement of the experience via audio / visual screens, which provide information and communication.

Celestavia meets the following specifications:

    1. ZERO environmental pollution – everything is electric.

    2. Expected low to ZERO accidents compared to other forms of transportation – 100% automated with artificial intelligence.

    3. ZERO traffic on the city’s roads and highways – it runs on overhead wires.

    4. High security passenger security system – giving little opportunity for theft or assault.

    5. Ecological and sustainable, with very low environmental impact to the city and province. Uses of new materials, construction methods and is much more ecological than those used up to now.

    6. Aesthetically very attractive and modern.

    7. Minimum land use, the needed land space that will be used is only where the small and attractive pole will be located;  that is, less than 1/500 of the current use for a highway.

    8. Guaranteed service 24 hours a day, every day.

    9. Approximately 4 times faster than any type of land transport in operation. With a speed of up to 90 km / h.

    10. Personalized service similar to that of the taxi. Entry / Exit every 250-500 meters in consideration of population needs.

    11. Entry / Exit within some of the narrowest and least inaccessible streets of the city.

    12. Able to make a 90 degree turn to follow the cables.

    13. Functional on all types of terrain slopes.

    14. It offers great ease of expansion / growth to any remote area.

    15. Ultra-modern cabin with modern and super comfortable seats, 6-12 passenger sports car type.  Custom cabins available.

    16. Automatic doors.

    17. With air-conditioning and / or heating (optional).

    18. Audio and video communication system with the control center, for passenger assistance.

    19. SYSTEM with VERY ECONOMIC cost, $5-6M / Km. ($8-9M / Mile)

    20. The system is ideal for use in any type and size city.

    21. Best price of all other transportation.

    22. Ultramodern automated fare collection system, providing great ease, safety and comfort to the passenger.

    23. Very economical and simple to operate, since everything is automated.

    24. Vehicle traffic on the streets decreases.

    25. Does not increase noise pollution.

    26. Heavy Cargo – Transports containers from 8 to 60 feet.

    27. 4×4 vehicle last mile service for containers up to 10 feet and parcels.

    28. Fully automated garbage collection service for the entire city.

    29. Camera system for 360-degree 911 service in all towers.

    30. Public light system in all towers, including decoration with LED light.

    31. System of all electrical cables, cable TV, Fiber Optic, etc. To beautify the whole city by replacing all poles present.

    32. 5G and WiFi systems on all poles.

    33. Monitor weather, temperature / humidity / wind / rain / earthquake on all poles.

    34. Super modern architecture, with local custom themes at each station.

    35. Cables can be put between mountains and mountains to go in a direct line.
    36. Poles and other decorations / attractions with LED light.

    37. Automated system of lockers for all types of shipments in all stations. This service will be available to all companies such as: Postal Mail, judicial boxes, Federal Express, DHL, UPS, etc. and even other types of stores and private parcels.

    38. Reservation system via internet website and mobile application. This system allows you to have the cabin waiting vs. wait for a bus.

    39. Multiple forms of automatic payment, via cell phone, facial recognition, and more.
    40. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENT: We are all going to breathe cleaner air, because this system is all electric, therefore it will significantly reduce the transport of vehicles that use fuel.

    41. ELIMINATION AND REDUCTION OF ACCIDENTS: As everything is controlled by sophisticated electronic systems, the chances of an accident in this transport are minimal. As there is a reduction in road traffic, therefore road and pedestrian accidents on the highways will be reduced.

    42. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The environmental impact is almost zero, since this technology only puts feet in pole that are located approximately 62.5 meters from each other and in some areas the pole are not necessary. Compared to a highway the footprint is only 1/500. In other words, the environmental impact is only 1/500 of what the highways are at present. Additionally, everything is electric, so there is no pollution from the use of fuels.

    43. BUILDINGS: It only requires simple entry and exit of only 21m2, a control center, warehouse and maintenance workshop, which can be located at any of the points of the route.

City Station arial view

City Station Front view